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The Teachings
Shingon Esoteric Buddhism

The Legend of the Origins of The Esoteric Teachings

Dainichi Nyorai, The Chief Deity In Shingon Buddhism

The Teachings of the Mahavairocana Sutra (Dainichi-kyo)

Teachings of the Vajrasekhara Sutra (Kongocho-kyo)

The Teaching Of The Six Great-Elements

Experiencing The Mandala

The Practice Of The Three Mysteries

The Cultivation of the Three Mysteries.

Becoming A Buddha In This Very Life: Sokushin Jobutsu

The Esoterically Adorned Buddha's Land (Mitsugon Kokudo)

The Exoteric Teaching (Kengyo) and the Esoteric Teaching (Mikkyo)

Salvation And Enlightenment

Prayers For Empowerment

The Shingon Buddhist View Of Life

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